Churl-Su Kwon, BSc MD MPH

Mount Sinai Neurology, Neurosurgery

Dr. Kwon, obtained his BSc in Neuroscience and MD from University College London, UK and neurosurgical training in the UK. His research activities include studies on abnormal brain function in patients with epilepsy and psychiatric comorbidities using intra-operative recordings, big data and reversible treatment methods of neuromodulation with deep brain stimulation and responsive neurostimulation. Dr. Kwon and I collaborate on the EpiBioS4Rx Public Engagement Core.

Nathalie Jetté, MD, MSc

Professor, Mount Sinai Neurology, Population Health Science and Policy

Dr. Jetté is a Professor of Neurology and Population Health Science & Policy, and the Bludhorn Professor of International Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS). She is a neurologist with epilepsy specialty training from Columbia University. She is a health services researcher, Vice Chair for Clinical Research Neurology and Chief of the Division of Health Outcomes and Knowledge Translation Research across the Mount Sinai HealthSystem.  She is also an adjunct Professor in the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary.

Solomon Moshé, MD

Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology, Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience, and the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Moshé is the Charles Frost Chair in Neurosurgery and Neurology, and Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York. He is also the Vice Chair of the Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology, Director of the Isabelle Rapin Child Neurology Division and Director of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Sheryl Haut, MD, MS

Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Dr. Haut is Director of the Adult Epilepsy Program and Chief of Service, Neurology at Montefiore Einstein. She is the previous Chair of the North American Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy. Her research interests include: the temporal distribution of seizures, with emphasis on seizure clustering; seizure prediction and pre-emption; and alternative therapies for epilepsy. She is currently conducting electronic diary studies of seizure prediction and was the Principal Investigator of the first randomized controlled trial of stress management for refractory epilepsy using smartphone diaries.

Kevin P. Fiori, MD, MPH, MS

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Academic General Pediatrics)

Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Dr. Fiori is a general pediatrician, researcher and educator.  He is an Assistant Professor in both the Division of Academic General Pediatrics and Department of Family and Social Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  He is Medical Director at the Office of Community & Population Health, Montefiore Health System. His research aims to address health disparities in communities both in the Bronx and abroad.